Meet The Crew

Kyle is originally from Kentucky but came to Rockport after he and Jenny got married. Jenny has lived here her entire life and loves the small town feel! They have two grown children, Emily and Alex and two busy grandchildren, Avery and Trip. Kyle is a farmer whose family has been growing crops and tending livestock for generations. Jenny was a nurse for 34 years working in intensive care. These two love to vacation in Florida, go out for dinners at their favorite local places and keep each other laughing!

Kelley is originally from Coastal Virginia but now calls Rockport home after moving to be closer to her husband’s family! Her husband, Nathan, is a chiropractor and they have two blonde babes together, J.R. and Dean. Kelley was an elementary school teacher for five years before staying home with her boys. She loves to plan fun events, travel to new places and eat tacos!

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- The Best Handyman Around
- Golf Cart Driver
- Cattleman
-Livestock Caretaker
- Always easily spotted by his farm hat

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-Small Town Girl
-Loves a Hot Cup of Coffee
-Enjoys Creating Floral Designs
-Avid Gardener of Pretty Flowers

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-Loves to Dance
-Mama to JR and Dean
-Available to plan, dream & pull off your dream wedding