7 Tips to Have the Best Wedding Day Ever!

How to have the BEST wedding day ever!


Weddings are wonderful, it’s the day you’ve dreamed about for years. You look magical in a gorgeous wedding dress with flawless hair and makeup. Your future husband looks dreamy in a suit and tie with a magical glow in his eyes just for you. It’s time for the biggest celebration of your life and you can now officially start your journey together as husband and wife. Yay! But wait, weddings are actually a pretty large scale event. You have maybe hundreds of people in a single space or multiple places depending on your venue and you have to make sure they’re all fed, happy and having a good time! Not to mention the MONTHS and even years of planning beforehand. Coordinating with multiple vendors, bridesmaids and family members. SHEW! Let’s take a deep breath and look at 7 ways you can have the best wedding day ever J


1.     Start with a vision. Envision the kind of wedding you want! Getting the big picture for what your day will look like will help you narrow down a direction for all of your other choices. Do you want an outdoor wedding, a destination wedding, a trip to the courthouse and then a big party after? When you know it’s a rustic outdoor wedding you can begin to choose your colors, flowers, food and then it all falls into place!


2.    Create a budget with realistic expectations. If you aren’t in the wedding industry or if you have never planned a wedding it will probably come as a big surprise how much things actually cost. When you see pictures of beautiful flower arrangements on Pinterest that seem pretty simple it might not account for the type of flower, if it’s in season or not and the labor time it takes to create. Having an open mind about costs will make things a lot less stressful J


3.    Decide your ‘needs’ and ‘wants.’ Make a list that separates your ‘needs’ from your ‘wants’ for your wedding early on in planning, this will help you stay within your budget! Examples of ‘needs’ could be an affordable local venue so all of your family can attend. An example of a ‘want’ could be personalized maps enclosed with your initiations, definitely lovely but not always necessary! 


4.    Be comfortable. Buy the dress you feel beautiful but for the love of all things holy, make sure you can breathe in it! And move! And dance! All very important aspects of a dress. As well as shoes! We love a pretty shoe, and if you really want those 6 inch heels then maybe try to break them in before the big day. Or better yet, go with some fancy flats!


5.    Hire a day of coordinator. We completely understand that wedding planner isn’t in everyone’s budget. However, even if you don’t splurge for a wedding planner the most efficient way to eliminate stress on your wedding day is to hire a day of coordinator. TRUST US! This wonderful person takes care of everything. All of the directing, coordinating, welcoming vendors, helping guests figure out where to go, putting out fires, large or small (there will be at least one!) and everything in between. This person’s sole job is to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. When you get a hundred or more people together, large bridal parties and alcohol is involved...things can get hairy. Enter, your day of coordinator. Worth his or her weight in gold!


6.    Leave for the honeymoon a day or two after. Give yourself a little break and more time to spend with family and friends who came to your wedding from out of town. Your wedding day will be amazing but it will also be long, you will both be tired (from a good time of course!) and will welcome a day of rest. 



7.    Give grace. Give yourself grace. Give your guests grace. Give your crazy aunt Betty some grace when she performs a solo dedication song to you at the reception. Give the weather grace when it isn’t as sunny as you hoped. Take deep breaths, close your eyes and just give grace. You’ll never have this day again, make it the best day ever!                                                                                                                                                                                            

Jenny Wilkerson