Welcome to the Corner House Blog!

Welcome to the Corner House Blog! 


First of all, thank you for being here! However you stumbled across our little space on the interwebs we are so glad you did. Whether you are a future bride, a local friend or a family member we hope to provide you with a little bit of wedding inspiration and community here. This first post will be a little bit about the Corner House, how this wonderful venue got started and where it is today. Enjoy!


The Corner House and Event Barns are owned by Rockport locals, Jenny and Kyle Wilkerson. Jenny and Kyle have been happily married for 34 years. The first time Jenny stayed at a Bed and Breakfast was in Charleston, South Carolina on her honey- moon. Since then she has always dreamed of opening her own. After retiring from nursing Jenny finally got that chance! Half a mile down the road from their home was a 1900s farmhouse waiting to be given a new life. After 6 months of renovations The Corner House was officially open for business in June 2015! Jenny enjoyed running the bed and breakfast and kept extremely busy, but people started to ask about holding weddings there too! Dozens of weddings took place on the patio, driveway and grassy areas before Kyle suggested they needed somewhere with a roof if they were going to keep hosting weddings and the idea for the barns was born! Since 2017 many wonderful couples have had the chance to spend the best day of their lives at the Corner House. 


Kyle is originally from Kentucky but came to Rockport after he and Jenny got married. Jenny has lived here her entire life and loves the small town feel! They have two grown children, Emily and Alex and two busy grandchildren, Avery and Trip. Kyle is a farmer whose family has been growing crops and tending livestock for generations. Jenny was a nurse for 34 years working in intensive care. These two love to vacation in Florida, go out for dinners at their favorite local places and keep each other laughing! 


The Corner House is committed to providing our couples with the most memorable and breathtaking wedding day experience. We have a passion for service and excellence. Our vow is to provide our couples with outstanding service and attention to detail to ensure the perfect occasion. We can’t wait to meet you! 



Jenny Wilkerson